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As the name implies, this is a massage treatment designed to heal a sports-related injury. Many common injuries occur when muscles are cold or tired, and specific techniques can quickly restore the body, so that training can re-commence in the shortest possible timeframe.

More complex injuries require a programme of treatment, combined with homework for the client; for example muscle stretching and strengthening exercises. In these cases, a confidential programme is created following a detailed consultation and this becomes the individual Treatment Plan. At all times the focus is the restoration of full fitness in the shortest possible timeframe.

Increasingly, both amateur and professional athletes want to ensure peak condition for a specific event. Various massage treatments are extremely effective at keeping injury at bay, and LJSM specialises in the creation of an individual PTP – Preventive Treatment Programme – to make sure you arrive at your event in the best possible physical condition.

Lava Rescue

Lava Shells Rescue Massage offers an effective deep tissue massage. The treatment is an ingenuous combination of heat and ice therapy. Manual massage along with the use with hot and cold shells are used to target specific problems areas, address issues of referred pain and reduce muscle tension through the targeting of muscular trigger points. This allows LJSM to perform a very effective treatment.

spacer Remedial Massage

Many of us will suffer from a minor or serious illness at some time in our lives. In recent years, there has been a far greater understanding about the benefits of massage as a complimentary part of the healing process.

At LJSM, I offer a range of treatments that can have dramatic, wide-ranging and positive effects on the symptoms of insomnia, depression and stress. Similar benefits can be achieved with the physical or mental symptoms following surgery or chemotherapy.

My experience in developing unique and individual treatment plans to combat these symptoms is extensive, and each potential client is looked after in a highly sensitive, understanding and confidential manner.

massageRelaxation or Holistic Massage

The relaxation properties of massage are as diverse as they are well-known. It is now widely accepted that many illnesses can have their origin in the most mundane of causes – overwork, too much driving, too little sleep and excessive levels of stress are just some examples. Others simply do not have the time to unwind and do something uniquely geared to themselves.

A 30- or 60-minute relaxation massage works wonders. Soothing music, specialist oils and advanced massage techniques are used to create the most wonderful sense of physical and mental tranquility. Clients report feeling whole, energised and cleansed often leading to a deeper and more restful sleep, and an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.